Brand Spotlight: MYOB and OrderlyPrint

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They say that fashion comes, goes, then comes around again… But sometimes a brand bursts onto the scene and rips up the rule book, offering something so unique that a whole new story begins. In 2019, motivated by the idea of freedom of choice, Jelena Obradovic launched MYOB. With it, she offered the opportunity for women to choose clothes that truly allow them to be themselves…


Fashion-forward from the Start

MYOB is a contemporary fashion brand that combines style, comfort and incredible Italian craftsmanship to offer something different by design. The brand is known for its iconic bodysuits – bright, bold and beautifully put together. From the start, MYOB has sought to appeal to trendsetters – not those who follow the fashion herd. Its pieces are durable and incredibly adaptable, lending themselves to any personal sense of style.

Ecommerce: the Final Frontier

With the popularity of MYOB’s designs catching on quickly, Jelena knew it was time to take the business online. The launch of MYOB’s online store was a landmark moment for the brand. Allowing them to expand their customer base and offer products to buyers around the world, the audience for MYOB instantly expanded and they found fans in all corners of the globe.

Couture Customer Service 

But as we all know, with expansion comes growing pains. This is never more true than when a brand is offering something sold on the principles of high quality, and the power and importance of the individual. The team prioritized providing an exceptional customer experience throughout the whole buyer journey – but it wasn’t always plain sailing. As Jelena explains, “the most challenging aspect has been ensuring impeccable customer service – from product quality to logistics and customer support. We are constantly working on improving these processes.”

Made-to-measure Problem Solving 

When looking to improve customer experience, the best optimizations are incremental. By getting the right tools in place, you can support and streamline better workflows in order to provide a top level service at all stages of the sales cycle – so customers feel appreciated and well cared for at all times. 

MYOB work with OrderlyPrint to bring order and organization to their fulfillment process – ensuring that no order falls through the gaps when it comes to receiving first class care and attention. In addition to adding polish to their order printing and processing, Jelena also saw the time-saving benefits for her business, seeing the best feature of OrderlyPrint as the ability to quickly and easily organize print orders, speeding up fulfillment and simplifying their order processing workflows.

“We chose OrderlyPrint because it offers solutions that help optimize our operations”, she says, “especially in terms of process automation, allowing us to focus on business development.”



What’s Next for MYOB? 

“In the future, we plan to expand our product line, explore new markets, and participate in international fashion exhibitions” confirms Jelena. “We aim to strengthen our brand and continue to inspire our customers.”

It’s good to know that with OrderlyPrint MYOB is building on strong foundations – ready to handle any of the challenges that an ambitious, scaling business could expect to face as orders start to soar.


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