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SC Order Tagger Integration: Sort orders by date tags

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OrderlyPrint is excited to announce that we now support date tags on your Shopify orders. This new feature allows you to sort your orders based on date tags, making it easier and faster to process your orders.

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If you are using an app like SC Order Tagger, you can automatically tag your Shopify orders with date information, such as delivery dates. This allows you to quickly and easily organize your orders based on the dates that they need to be delivered. With the integration between OrderlyPrint and Order Tagger, you can easily sort your orders based on these date tags, making it easier to manage and process your orders.

OrderlyPrint is our popular app for Shopify stores, and allows you to easily print invoices, packing slips and more for your orders. With our app, you can create documents quickly, which include important information, such as product details and customer information. This makes it easy to quickly and accurately fulfill your orders, and it ensures that your customers receive the products that they ordered in a timely manner.

To enable and configure the date tags feature in OrderlyPrint, simply go to the OrderlyPrint > Settings > Tags page. This will allow you to enable the date tags feature and configure it to work with your existing Shopify store.




The SC Order Tagger app is a great addition to any Shopify store, as it allows you to automatically tag your orders with important information, such as delivery dates. This makes it easy to organize and manage your orders, and it ensures that you are able to provide your customers with the best possible experience.

To learn more about the SC Order Tagger app and how to set it up to work with OrderlyPrint, check out the following help article:

As always, we welcome any feedback or questions that you might have. Start your free trial of OrderlyPrint from the Shopify App Store.



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